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Letters, numbers and glyphs


Chris Rushing decided to make sure he wasn’t loosing his touch when it came to his type & number & illustrative skills. Here’s a small selection of his ideas, but to see more check out


Really love some of the type that’s about these days. I run a design agency in Leeds UK and I find some of the type these days doesn’t consider the reproductions costs and legibility of certain designs. Many of these full colour blend designs look beautiful, but if we were to take some of these designs to a client, they may be shocked at the repro costs.
How would some of the designs these days look, stripped back to their rawest form?
Be good to hear your comments.

James Russell

Hi James,

I understand your point, but don’t neccessarily think that was the case with Chris’ work. I think this was him brushing up on his skills and experimenting. It’s what we do in our experiments that can inform our work. We have an entire section of our Mat Dolphin site dedicated to this. We have work -client based projects- and Play ( -where we get to experiment and try new things that are on our mind or develop ideas that may not be suitable elsewhere. We’re all for pushing creativity, and especially convicing clients about the benefits of doing so. It’s not all about money.


Tom Actman

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