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Leeds Print Festival 2014


Four Letter Words with Dots Printhaus – One screen and lots of play.
Stock generously supplied by GF Smith – Colourplan and Plike White.
Type set in Simplon Mono by Swiss Typefaces.

It’s great to have opportunity to play with type and process. Having worked with Dots Printhaus I knew they would be up for trying out some different ideas. Various colour combinations were tried out. Some not so great. Our favourites are show here: Cyan, magenta and yellow – three colour split fountain (colours mixed directly on the screen). About 3 out of 8 pulls achieved a seamless gradient. Fluorescent orange on black offset overprint . Metallic gold and magenta offset overprint to try and make copper. Fluorescent orange with fluorescent pink split fountain – because we all love a fluoro and finally good old pure black on Plike.

Design Lee Goater
Typeface Swiss Typefaces
Print Dots Printhaus
Stock GF Smith
Photography Mezz Davies


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