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Japanese font “Kozuka Gothic / Kozuka Mincho” got their quiet update


Kozuka Gothic and Kozuka Mincho – kinds of most famous Japanese fonts, had its updated release on May 20 by Adobe. Each of the 12 fonts (EL, L, R, M, B, H) from these two families include 23,058 glyphs, conform to the Adobe-Japan1-6 character collection specification. They provide complete support for all of the latest JIS Standards, and the default glyphs are those that correspond to JIS X 0213:2004 (aka, JIS2004). These fonts replace the “Pro” versions, which conformed to the Adobe-Japan1-4 character collection and included only 15,444 glyphs each.

Kozuka Gothic Pr6N on Adobe Type Showroom
Kozuka Mincho Pr6N on Adobe Type Showroom


What a lovely re-fresh of a classic font.

Mark Milic

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