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Fenland typeface | Jeremy Tankard




Fenland is the latest typeface design from Jeremy Tankard Typography

— a 14 font typeface

Thank you to Jeremy for the images, information and contribution to this feature.


Fenland information and licensing


Extract from ‘Footnote’

Jeremy Tankard Typography Newsletter


From the very early stages of the design the intention was to create lettershapes whose underlying structure is approached differently. Modified in some way to achieve a fresh look. For instance, take the idea of how a shape is changed over time. Picture the lettering found on gravestones and how it is weathered and eroded by nature. The wearing away of these shapes may result in some elements vanishing, lines thinning or breaking and gaps appearing. Also think of the inscriptions found on tombstones laid out on the floor of churches; how these are worn away over the years by passing footfall.

In contrast to this natural process, could a similar idea be achieved mechanically. However, repeating a process such as photographically reducing and enlarging, again and again, results in an expected soft and blurred shape. A sans serif lettershape will become more rounded and soft, whereas the details of a serif letter will shrink and fade away. The result is expected and is dependent on the structure of the shape.

If the structure of the shape is changed, then arguably a fresh rhythm could be found. If the shapes are constructed instead of written, the relationship between thick and thin strokes could be readdressed. This would go some way in creating a different structure that could be explored across a range of weights.


One of the principal ideas that underpins Fenland is the way a metal tube collapses in on itself when it is bent. This notion was applied to a letter’s structure by shifting the emphasis of the stem weight.

The sketch above (picture 1) shows how the inside curve at the top bends inwards as the outside curve is flattened. This shift of emphasis creates a thin point where it would normally be thick.

As well as a change to the modulation of the stem weight. The construction of some shapes was reconsidered. For instance, an ‘f’ is generally drawn in two strokes; the arch curving over and down with the crossbar added. To break this momentum Fenland’s ‘f’ is constructed in three strokes; a crossbar, a straight stem and a hook.

Samples and information

Individual PDF showings are available on line at There is also a limited edition printed sample available, please email if you would like a copy.


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