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Edit Collection


The Edit Collection is a brand new super family designed to create multi-platform brand and editorial typography. The Renaissance construction allows the typefaces to handle long texts in small, medium and large sizes, balancing its astonishing and recognisable details with high legibility. The Edit Collection with its rational, clean aesthetics and great versatility is best suited for complex typography programs.

Edit Serif Pro is a modern multilingual multi purpose typeface and the first release of Atlas’ next super family. Its humanist contrast combined with modern details makes Edit Serif Pro suitable for headlines and texts that need to distinguish themselves — while still expressing rational and clean aesthetics. Each style comes with 1.540 glyphs, many features and alternative character sets.

More informations:

Designed by: Christoph Dunst

Published at: Atlas Font Foundry

Publishing Date: 11/2017

€49 Single Font
€299 Complete Family (12 Fonts)


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