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Designing the Arabic Shasha font


This Arabic typeface, Shasha, is an experiment by two Egyptian visual artists Gaber and Ganzeer with funding and sponsorship from Google Inc. Their aim is to produce an open-source Arabic typeface tailored specifically for usage on screens. According to Creative Root, “the font will be targeting the Arabic speaking world, which comprises of 280 million native and 250 million non-native speakers. This market has the highest Internet usage growth in the world (450% between 2000 & 2005), and we also have plans to develop it to have Urdu and Persian versions of the font to increase the targeting users.”

How amazing is this?

Have a peak at the blog Gaber and Ganzeer set up to document the process of completing the Shasha font.

Via Creative Roots



This is impressive. I love seeing the process people use to create glyphs or characters. Thank you for sharing.

Ronald L Harris, Jr.

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