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Clerkenwell by Fontsmith


For the last few weeks I have had the privilege to work (play) with FS Clerkenwell by Fontsmith. The description given by fontsmith is

Clerkenwell is an inspired design, based on influences in and around the lively area of London. FS Clerkenwell is quirky and useful for dramatic headlines, logos, and in large sizes.

I have to agree with them, but I also think it’s so much more. As I was tinkering around with layouts and manipulating the font I came up with the idea of using it to create a wayfinding system and, since Farringdon Station is the only one in Clerkenwell, it was the obvious choice. Whilst test printing points of interest and pinning them to my wall I had noticed that the letters are highly legible for a serif font. This is a great font to use large or small and directing information towards people.

Next was seeing how it might work in a modern context, so I went to my catalogue of music (what better way than creating a reproduction of a classic album?) I chose The House Of Love (Butterfly album). I found it worked very well; the shapes of the letters and consistency of the angles are quite perfect (maybe too perfect).

As you can see I had a wonderful time playing with it and hope you can appreciate such a well thought-out serif font as I did.

I would like to thank Phil Garnham and Fontsmith for giving us the opportunity to feature FS Clerkenwell.

You can purchase FS Clerkenwell  at Fontsmith.

You can purchase the web version of FS Clerkenwell at Fontdeck.

typetoken® site is featuring FS Clerkenwell.

The House Of Love front cover by Trevor Key
3D Rendering of Farringdon Station by Weston Williamson


Looks good sirs.

Liam Crean

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