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Blue (Not) Mono



Blue (Not) Mono by Jérémie Nuel


Blue (Not) Mono is an OpenType font family designed by Jérémie Nuel, published by Volcano Type. As a binary system, at the junction to two antagonist drawings, the Blue (Not) Mono typeface is an hybrid between the monospace and the humanistic sans-serif families. Declined to several variants and weights: a true monospace and a proportional one, a roman and italic style, bold and the main purpose is obviously to maintain in the same time a calligraphic identity, and a computing legacy.

Jérémie Nuel studied graphic design at Strasbourg (France). Afterwards he worked as an independent graphic designer at Lyon (France) for three years. Then he lived in Tokyo for one year, working as an artistic director for a design agency. Since he went back to France, he works with Simon Renaud (A is a name). They are putting the notion of evolution into their design process as a cycle of graphic research concentrated on typographic systems.


Nice post, Mark, really liking this font.

Ryan Dixon

Cheers Ryan! I Have to agree with you. He’s made quite clean.

Mark Milic

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