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This specimen book features Apt a typeface that is made up of 9 regular weights in which the smaller weights are systematically contained within the larger weights. There are also 9 oblique weights that follow the same properties as the regular nine. The final weight of the typeface is a chromatic that contains all the weights of Apt in one, this can be expanded to make a wide range of chromatic letters.
A key use for this typeface is to illustrate emphasis or importance in written language.
This book was created to exhibit its versatility.

Unlike other typefaces the weights of Apt are not constrained with Bold, Extra Bold, Condensed etc. It features weights One to Nine in which One has the thinnest strokes with the largest counters and Nine has the thickest strokes with the smallest counters. This came from the process of its creation starting with a mono line regular weight being Six, then expanding and decreasing the thickness to create the other weights

The lowercase needed to have a higher X height than most typefaces so as not to diminish the counters on the bolder weights, to conform with the same properties as the Uppercase of Apt and to keep the starting weight of six mono line to allow it to be systematically decreased and expanded to create the other nine weights.

As each letter decrease in weight the Cap height, X-height and Baseline follow accordingly. This assures that every corresponding letter of each weight is contained within the larger weights and all the letters of each weight follow
the same axis.

APT by Mark Jones


Thanks so much Typetoken for featuring my work!

Mark Jones

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