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Apeloig Type Library | Nouvelle Noire


The Apeloig Type Library is a compilation of ten typefaces created by Philippe Apeloig during the past twenty years of the designer’s outstanding typographic creation.

Through this library, Apeloig’s distinctive approach to letters and type is made visible. Apeloig conceives the process of type design as a research and play between legibility and forms. His designs are defeating legibility but remain accessible for the viewer.

A rich typographic expression and an impressive variety of shapes have emerged from his creations.

Originating from orders of posters, book covers or corporate and visual identities, those fonts came to life first as a few letters designed especially for the project. For Philippe Apeloig, Nouvelle Noire has undertaken the development of typefaces from those several existing letters. In the past two years, Nouvelle Noire developed the designs into ten full working fonts.

On the occasion of the Philippe Apeloig retrospective “TYPORAMA” at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the Apeloig Type Library is to be presented.

The exhibition “TYPORAMA” is open to 30th March 2014.



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