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Alphabets by Tim Fishlock


I stumbled across a print of Tim Fishlock’s Typeseat poster in a friend’s home interiors shop. When I enquired about the price, I was firmly told it might be for sale, but only if the price was very right (she also pointed out her equally spectacular shoes, the design of which happened to be based on the Eames chair / letter X on the poster). Though disappointed, I can’t say I’m too surprised at her unusually uncommercial attitude, as Tim’s work is rather splendid. As it seems it’ll be a little longer before I’ll have a Fishlock original on my wall, I thought the next best thing might be to share Tim’s alphabet posters with the Typetoken readers.

Origami Alphabet Relief (top) is a 3 dimensional alphabet constructed by hand using paper and then photographed. Each of the litho prints is hand embossed, numbered and signed by the artist. Limited edition run of 300.

Shapeset (second from top) makes up the letters of the alphabet using basic primitive shapes, combined and layered in a variety of colours. It’s glicee printed on archival stock, hand embossed, numbered and signed by the artist. Limited edition run of 75.

A to Z (second from bottom) takes sections of Harry Beck’s classic London Underground map and presents them as the letters of the alphabet – an altogether different kind of A to Z map.

Typeseat (bottom) makes up the alphabet from chairs and stools, viewed from selected angles and selected from 20th century design classics, such as the Eames chair mentioned previously. The limited run of 300 prints is sadly sold out, as I suspect the others may also be by the time you read this. Get in quick!


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