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Wood Type Revival — Kickstarter project by Bearded


Matt Griffin and Matt Braun of Pittburgh design studio, Bearded, are on a mission to revive rare wood cut fonts for the digital age.

They’re raiding attics, garages, outhouses, store cupboards and shoe boxes to locate ten of the most worthy wood cut typefaces that are currently unavailable in digital form. Once secured, they’ll print the letters on a Vandercook proof press before painstakingly scanning and digitising each one, making them available for sale in opentype format.

The digitised versions of the fonts will retain the organic, hand made feel of the original wood cuts, with damaged letters available as alternative characters, and multiple weights available with texture corresponding to varying levels of pressure being applied during printing.

Having successfully secured funding via, the venture is well underway, with the first typeface, Fat Boy Husky Beta, available as a free download and the second of the ten wood cut sets just arrived from Leicester, England.

I love what the two Matts are doing here and can’t wait to see how the remaining nine typefaces turn out.
Wood Type Revival on Kickstarter
Fat Boy Husky Beta typeface free download


I really love this type of traditional work.


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