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Typography Insight


Typography Insight is an iPad application that introduces new methods for learning and teaching typefaces. The project stemmed from my love for typography and evolving mobile platforms. It was inspired by my own experience in typography classes whilst attending design school.

Students in introductory typography classes are asked to memorize and understand the form of historically important typefaces such as Garamond, Baskerville, Bodoni, Century and Helvetica. As a beginner, it is difficult to see the subtle differences. This is especially true in traditional media such as paper textbook, where the typeface in question is presented in linear, small sizes, virtually unable to be truly examined. This “flatness” makes it difficult to compare and  find important relationships among typefaces.

Typography Insight leverages technological evolutions in tablet devices, most notably the touch interface and high resolution display of the iPad, to visualize and manipulate typefaces. With Typography Insight, students can easily experiment and inspect the detailed shapes of historical typefaces. Consequently they can acquire a deeper understanding of the type, a virtue of any competitive designer.



The first reason I’ve seen so far to get an iPad… love it!


look’s both neat and cute :)


Typography Insight is now Available on the App Store!

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