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Adobe CSS Regions – the future of online typography?


CSS is the language websites use to define the layout and style of web pages. Although it’s been around since the early 1990s, it is still woefully inadequate where the layout of type is concerned (or for layout generally, for that matter).

Adobe wants to change that and have created a prototype web browser that includes a CSS Regions module, making it possible to achieve the kind of relatively sophisticated type layouts print designers have taken for granted for centuries, such as flowing text between distinct regions on the page and wrapping text around irregular shapes. This development could have a massive impact on the way we design for editorial-focused websites and would blur the line between costly, dedicated iPad magazine and book apps, and website-based publications. In other words, it’s very good news for web design.

The video demonstration above has been available for months, but now Adobe have released their browser prototype you can download it and see it working for yourself, and web developers will have the chance to provide feedback that will shape the proposed CSS Regions module.

More information about Adobe’s CSS Regions
Download the CSS Regions Prototype
View the CSS Regions demonstration on YouTube


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