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Yearbook of Type 1 | Slanted


Yearbook of Type #1

Thanks to Julia Kahl / for the images / info on their wonderful new book – looks like a must buy!

Press Info
The idea behind the first edition of Yearbook of Type is quite simple: to offer a high quality selection of the numerous new publications in thefield of digital typefaces in the form of a clear, comprehensive compendium.

In the past two decades the publication of typefaces has changed radically. The popularity of desktop publishing and typeface designingprograms has provided a great many designers with the means to design and use their own types, in great contrast to wood, lead and phototypesetting. What’s more, the internet offers a means of distribution that can be used by individuals and established typeface publishersalike.

The abundance of new and quite interesting typeface designs is certainly a welcome development, especially when one considers theessential role that typefaces play in generating an identity and creating a visual impression. At the same time designers and others workingin the field are faced with a chaotic situation with a great number of type designs and publishers.

A variety of blogs and internet portals provide regular information about new fonts and foundries, but there still is no high-quality,independent print publication (typography still looks best on paper!) that provides an overview of the field. That is the goal of this volume− the Yearbook of Type is intended as a series in which the best contemporary new developments in the field of typography are presented.Typefaces created in the last two to three years from all over the world will be featured, from larger typeface publishers to small,independent typographers and foundries.

In the Yearbook of Type each individual typeface or typeface family is presented on a double-page spread. On the left side appears a visualcreated by the respective type designer or label with a detailed view of the type and an initial optical impression. On the right side moredetailed background information is provided as well as an overview of the typeface’s different features. The catalogue is followed by anindex of all the typefaces arranged by category. Short texts provide information on individual type designers and an essay section offerssketches, background knowledge, technical information, instructions and descriptions from the world of typography.

We are certain that the Yearbook of Type will be of great practical value. The emotional and informative presentation of the typefaces willserve designers and agencies as a source of inspiration and will help others select the right typeface. As a catalogue and reference work itwill also be of interest to all those who are interested in the contemporary world of typesetting and the latest in typeface design.

Yearbook of Type #1
Editor: Slanted
Publisher: Niggli
Visual concept and realization: MAGMA Brand Design
Release: June 2013
Volume: 464 pages
Format: 165 x 240 mm
Language: English
Specials: Hardcover edition with half linen

ISBN: 978-3-7212-0861-0
Price: 49,80 Euro





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