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Typography Sketchbooks


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Typography Sketchbooks

Steven Heller and Lita Talarico

I personally couldn’t wait to see and get my hands on this book, I’ve been through it cover to cover and it really doesn’t disappoint! — Definitely one for the ‘Typetoken’ readers (IMO)

‘Typography Sketchbooks’ — the new book by Steven Heller & Lita Talarico (Thames & Hudson), is page after page of stunning and inspiring sketchbook images from 118 of the world’s leading typographers and graphic designers. The sketchbooks reveal the designers’ creative process — in-progress designs, scribbles and sketches, research, typographic experiments, word-image and logo designs.

The book’s image-focussed design showcases the work to maximum effect, with just the right balance of accompanying informative text about the designers’ creative process, their design philosophies, inspirations, techniques and influences.

Contributors include both world-renowned and up-and-coming talents: Ivan Chermayeff, Carlos Segura, Milton Glaser, Maira Kalman,Bob Aulfudish and Matthew Carter (US); Javier Mariscal and Patrick Thomas (Spain); Erik Spiekermann and Viktor Nübel (Germany);Peter Bilak and Enkeling (the Netherlands); and Jean Baptiste Levée (France), to name just few.

The book features 900+ illustrations over 368 pages, successfully managing to vary the pace, diversity and keep the reader interested by featuring playful and illustrative typographic sketches next to clean and calculated typographic drawings. Andy Smith, Alex Trochut and Javier Mariscal sit alongside Erik Spiekermann, Sumner Stone and Matthew Carter.

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Great work! Thanks for posting. Amazingly curated site too.

Ben Weeks

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