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The field guide to typography | Typefaces in the urban landscape | Peter Dawson


What is that typeface? This is a common and recurring question heard among design professionals, the budding typographic enthusiast and the general public alike. The Field Guide to Typography identifies and provides context to over 125 typefaces commonly used and seen today.

In this book, I hope to help the ‘spotter’ identify the familiar – and not so familiar – typefaces that we see around us in our day-to-day lives. The book will also explain the thinking behind their design, the stories of their development, and the impact they have had on people, organisations, communities and even countries.

Peter Dawson | Grade Design

The Field Guide to Typography is a collection of over 125 typefaces—old and new, common and unusual—found in our modern urban environment.

Lightly based on traditional field guides, each spread examines one typeface and provides budding “font spotters” with the information they need to recognize it in the real world.

Includes interviews with several leading typeface designers, and “Typeface Comparison” feature spreads that help readers distinguish similar typefaces.

Divided into five main sections, based on five broad categories of type: Serif, Sans Serif, Display, Script, and Symbols & Dingbats.

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