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Rosetta type specimen no. 1


Rosetta type specimen no. 1 presents eight type families supporting ten writing systems and over 300 languages, each of which deserves an independent specimen. The brochure has 36 pages and covers ten writing systems. Rather than show enormous character sets and fuss about little details and features, Rosetta attempted to tell the story of why each typeface family is special. The brochure was designed by Anna Giedryś, Michal Hořava, and David Březina; three-colour offset printed on Munken Print White 90 and 150 g/m2, ca. B5 (173 × 230 mm). Including a short article by David Březina on the perils of multi-script type design.

See more of the specimen at the specimen mini-web.


Thanks to David Březina for the images | info




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