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Process Journal for iPad


With so much ongoing debate of print versus digital, as a publisher of printed publications we felt it was our duty to comprehensively investigate the current state of digital publishing. After researching and downloading every digital publication we could get our hands on, we decided the best way to complete our research was to get some hands-on experience with designing and developing our very own iPad app.
Given the huge number of requests we have received for back issues, it was an easy decision to release the out-of-print Process Journal Edition One in digital form.
Unlike many other digital publications the Process Journal digital release is not just an exported document from the original printed version; it is a standalone release, completely re-designed from the ground up, and features additional content, interactive image galleries and all of the written feature pieces from the first edition.
Admittedly, releasing our content digitally in its entirety conflicts with one of our primary objectives, which is about ‘capturing beautiful work in a printed publication’. But we believe this one-time experimental release has provided us with an invaluable perspective on the current state of digital publishing, and how it impacts what we do as independent publishers. Developing our own app provided us with a useful side-by-side comparison in designing for both printed and digital mediums. Without giving too much away, our findings were surprising, to say the least, and a full write-up of our research, observations and conclusions will be published in the upcoming Process Journal Edition Five.

Edition One Features:
Re-public, 3 Deep Design, Unit Editions, Heydays, Norm, Hofstede, Spin, Kim Holtermand, Mainstudio, SouthSouthWest, Kleber, Tim George and Cartlidge Levene. It also includes design responses from Dominic Hofstede (Hofstede Design) and Matt Judge (Design Assembly).

The official Process Journal iPad app is now available for free download in the app store.

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