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Pembroke | Jeremy Tankard Typography


A simple block sans designed in a geometric style. Yet, the DNA of Pembroke remains very much grounded in British typographic history. It freely breaks its geometrical constraints as it develops themes more associated with a British sensibility, bringing a warmer and more idiosyncratic rationale to its simple structure.

Pembroke has a wide range of weights; from Hair to Ultra, and crisp clean lines to enhance any design. It was created to bridge the gap between the cooler geometric sans and the softer humanist sans styles. Pembroke is plain speaking, voicing the cool warmth of a humanized geometry – a natural geometric.

The lettershapes of Caslon Old Face underpin those of Pembroke. The geometry of Caslon Old Face is very ordered. Generally, the capitals conform to a square proportion, the M is a square, the O is a circle, the A is a triangle. This order is continued to the lowercase where the rounded letters conform to a circle. Yet the lowercase straight letters are more condensed in feel, offering a lively rhythm when set.



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