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OASE Journal for Architecture


OASE is an independent, international, peer-reviewed journal for architecture (since 1981) that brings together academic discourse and the sensibilities of design practice.

They produce three issues per year. Stunning! Here are my top 12.

Issues 1-81 are available as PDFs and all Issue covers can be found here.




I went to OASE’s website to acquire the issues available in .PDF, but I am having trouble doing that.

Do you need to have an account and are the .PDFs free? If so, could you describe how to navigate the website in order to download them?


Weston Notestine

Hi Weston,

It seems like you have to go through the Issue Index, click on one of the issues and download the chapters separately.

Other than that, I haven’t downloaded any myself – you might have to contact them directly.

Hope that helps,


Jenny Theolin

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