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Manfred Eicher, you might remember, is the highly passionate mastermind behind the prestigious German jazz and classic label ECM Records. mono.kultur #26 featured a high-minded and challenging conversation, where Manfred Eicher talked with Bernd Kuchenbeiser about sound, silence and everything inbetween.

Our first features of course the same interview with the same impeccable layout, but even better: you can listen into excerpts of all the music that is being talked about, as well as view footage from films by Heinz Bütler, Manfred Eicher and Jean-Luc Godard, as well as documentary behind-the-scenes footage. All this beautifully translated into the digital environment by Atelier Bernd Kuchenbeiser and developed by Serum Network, with audio/visual material courtesy of ECM Records.

Even better still: since it’s our first, it’s entirely free on iTunes


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