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1702 Type foundry have produced some beautifully considered Type specimens to promote their Kada, LL Replica, Akkurat and Simple typefaces.


Kada Specimen

The Kada Poster features a photographic story and comparative type specimen rolled into one. Designed by Joel Nordström. Photography by Karl dos Santos and Johan Fowelin and 3D rendering by Lars Ohlin


LL Replica Specimen

Edited and designed by Norm, 28 pages set in all seven weights of LL Replica and in eight different type sizes, the booklet is an impressive document of Norm’s skills as both type designers and typographers.


Akkurat Specimen

A package of exquisitely printed samples of all 7 Akkurat cuts. Designed by Laurenz Brunner – The Akkurat Specimen 1-7 package contains 4 booklets showcasing all seven cuts in various sizes and settings. They are punch-cut for easy storage in standard folders. Utilising an ingenious folding technique, each booklet unfolds into a poster sized 390 x 600 mm. The Goods




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