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Ken Garland

Structure and Substance

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Ken Garland: Structure and Substance is the first comprehensive monograph on the entire career of legendary English designer Ken Garland, from student exercises in the 1950s to his self-published photography books of recent years.

The biographical essay, written by Adrian Shaughnessy and accompanied by rare personal photographs, touches on the many sides of Garland: the ethical and political designer; the writer; the teacher; the photographer. It is underpinned by interviews with his contemporaries and peers, and Garland himself co-operated with all aspects of the production of this book.

Now in his eighties, Garland is still as relevant to the (design) community today as he was when he published his famous First Things First manifesto in 1964 (see p.4). He has a strong following amongst young designers and frequently lectures to large audiences, captivating them with his highly personal approach .


Author: Adrian Shaughnessy

Editors: Tony Brook / Adrian Shaughnessy

Design: Spin

Pages: 328

Size: 168x224mm

Format: Paperback


Ken Garland: Structure and Substance Poster, is one of three signed screenprinted posters to promote the uniteditions books Ken Garland: Structure and Substance (signed: Ken Garland), Jurriaan Schrofer: Restless typographer(signed: Tony Brook) and Essays: Scratching the Surface (signed: Adrian Shaughnessy).


The posters come in limited edition runs of 50.


Ken Garland:

Structure and Substance

Signed by Ken Garland

Screen-printed in three colours

Printed on 175gsm GF Smith

Colorplan Pale Grey







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