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Jeremy Tankard | TypeBookTwo


Jeremy Tankard | TypeBookTwo


The second book showing our collection of typefaces is now available. As with the first book, TypeBookTwo will be included with all direct font purchases.

The two texts included have been written by Neil Macmillan and Jan Middendorp.

In the first text, Neil reminisces on the years leading to the digital revolution in typesetting. In the second text, Jan discusses ideas that directly affect the practice of type design today.

The idea with the TypeBook# series came as I finished moving all the types to OpenType in 2004. As a way of displaying the types and to offer something more than a simple showing of type.

Each TypeBook# also includes two articles that discuss some aspect related to type and typography. The format is hardback, same size the King Penguin series of books. 80 pages plus endpapers

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