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Hecho en Los Angeles | Lux Typo


Hecho en Los Angeles

Lux Typographic + Design

Lux Typo is based in Los Angeles, a place where convergence is a way of living. Street food and the visually arresting trucks that deliver it are symbols of this phenomenon. From small vendors with carts of bacon-wrapped hotdogs to that of large food trucks peddling fusion cuisine, they line the streets into the early hours of the morning. As a backdrop, one takes in the contradictory, obnoxious and absurd, but ultimately leaves inspired. It is one slice of an ever evolving lexicon that is “Hecho en Los Angeles”.

Hecho en Los Angeles is the current catalog from Lux Typo. It features commissioned work for clients such as Johnson and Johnson, Kellerhouse Inc., and Universal Music Group as well as fonts available for licensing through Village  –

Note: GDT Gothic developed with Kellerhouse Inc.

Thanks to Greg Lindy / LuxTypo for the images and information




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