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Binnen: interior; deduced from old German “binnen” means “innerhalb”. The term is used today as temporary preposition; as spatial adverb it appears in compositions like Binnenland, Binnenform (letterform = counter), Binnenraum.

Land: the part of the earth’s surface which is not covered with water; the land area. “Binnenland”: in English “Inland” names an area of land away from the coast or shore line. It usually refers to the interior part of a country or region.

Binnenland was founded in 2007 by Michael Mischler and Niklaus Thoenen to publish their font-developments and to distribute their own typefaces through the internet. Nik Thoenen lives and works as independent designer in Vienna, Austria. Michael Mischler lives and works as independent designer in Bern, Switzerland.






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