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8 Faces Magazine








8FACES_1If you could only use eight typefaces for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

— 8 Faces magazine poses this question (and many others) to eight leading designers from the fields of web design, print design, illustration, and of course type design itself.

8 Faces magazine – now in it’s 3rd issue, is beautifully designed and produced by Elliot Jay Stocks and the 8 Faces team/key contributors. Printed on quality heavy stock with a foil-blocked cover, pressed at just 2,000 limited editions, each issue becomes a collectors item.

8 Faces issue #3 features interviews with Ellen Lupton, Frank Chimero, Steve Matteson, Mark Caneso, Vincent Connare, Yves Peters, Jason Smith, and Phil Garnham of Fontsmith.

Other features include –  an introduction by Peter Bilak, a review of Codex, and an essay on Type Rendering & Web Fonts by Typekit’s Tim Brown.

Thanks to Elliot for the images/info – if you want to get a copy don’t hang about as he mentions ‘out of the 2000 copies, there are now less than 100 left’



Thanks for the kind words! You picked two of my favourite pieces of work in the photos of spreads for Mark Caneso and Fontsmith.

Jon Tan

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