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ThreeSix — Hamish Muir and Paul McNeil


ThreeSix is a system of six optical/geometric typefaces in eight weights. It explores the possibilities of using parametric principles to design geometric fonts which are distinctive at large point sizes but which can also be read at smaller sizes in bodies of extended text.Reviewing the project, Wim Crouwel said: “Fascination is the key word that comes to mind when I study ThreeSix. It is a fascination for the use of geometric systems in design that has resulted in these remarkable typefaces.”

Unit Editions have published a new edition of their design research journal, U:D/R 03, about the ThreeSix type system. Written and designed by Hamish Muir and Paul McNeil, with an introduction by Wim Crouwel, U:D/R 03 reveals the aesthetic and ideological foundations of the ThreeSix project. It also describes the design process in detail and shows sample settings of all ThreeSix typefaces. Copies of U:D/R 03 are available at Unit Editions. ThreeSix posters are available at Print-Process.

For more information about MuirMcNeil and to purchase typefaces from the ThreeSix system, go to:


Love it. Great work.


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