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Thnk identity by Lava


When Thnk asked for a new visual identity, their chosen agency, Lava, were a little perplexed by the lack of the letter i in the company name. Turning this to their advantage, they opted to use the missing i as the basis for what they call ‘Thnk bats’, a sort of pixel building block to playfully infuse type, illustration and infographics with a rich and distinctive individualism.

Lava website
Thnk website


The talk by Lava at Longlunch earlier this year was probably one of the best I’ve been to. The talked about this particular project. Simple concept well executed.


Such a classy idea. A lot of people tend to look for flaws in other people’s design but I don’t think you could with this particular project. The idea is flawless and so well executed. I love the playfulness of the branding and how different the symbols look when they have fewer or more i’s.


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