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Ten by Bunch


Ten is a magic number by Bunch:

It’s the perfect number for lists, collections and thoughts. A list of ten we can remember and gain adequate insight from – the Ten Commandments, the top ten, let’s count to ten, ten out of ten, ten fingers, ten toes! Any less than ten, we feel there isn’t enough substance. Any more, and we may begin to forget or become confused.

Perhaps this is why Milton Glaser chose the number ten when writing his iconic essay, Ten Things I Have Learned, which was part of the AIGA talk he gave in 2001. His list of ten insights inspired some in the following years to prepare their own lists of ten, while others (like us) were simply grateful for their enlightening honesty.

When considering the design of this book we found the experience of a stock book to be both visual and tactile. One touches and examines the texture, weight and colour of the stock. Perhaps also smelling the paper to substantiate a decision. After that the mind stores a memory of the paper, should we need touse it at another time.

To complement this, we’ve weaved the ten insights into this book. So that as you consider the paper and absorb its qualities, you also take away an insight which might come in handy some day.

The limited edition of 300 entitled “TEN” after Milton Glaser’s essay “Ten Things I Have Learned”, showcases a cross section of paper stocks available from paper merchant, HYPERLINK “”Igepa-Plana, with beautifully illustrated statements enveloping the pages. The ten “things” were presented typographically and illustratively via 
a wide range of media.

48 page, cloth-covered hardcover book, 4 colour with gold and silver stamp with 6 different foil covers. Produced in a limited edition of 300.



OmegaTheKid! Phoenix — Illustration

Ivo Sousa — Illustration

Vanja Solin — Photography

Cerovski — Print



Milton Glasser




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