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Cycling Cities | Jun Kwon








Jun Kwon has been awarded a ‘commendation’ for his ‘Cycling Cities’ design entry in this years ISTD International Typographic Awards.

The brief of this competition was to create a typographic / information system for cyclists to find their way around cities with fresh thinking on what cycling in the city can offer and how the city can expand the potential for residents and visitors to cycle.

Jun’s solution was to give cyclists a direction code with four colour schemes that they can immediately recognise the direction of where they are heading. The nearest points like underground stations or landmarks are shown with the direction code to help cyclists draw a mental map in their mind making cycling more predictable, efficient and enjoyable.

Jun Kwon is a Graphic Designer from Korea and Ravensbourne final year graduate of BA Graphic Design


The ISTD International Typographic Awards 2011

The Awards are held as an appraisal of current standards in typographic design and are judged by some of today’s leading graphic, interactive and typographic design specialists.










Super, Really nice!
This is most beautiful, simple and logical graphic design I’ve ever seen.
Nice job! :)

Gilbum Kang

Awesome works..I remember that I saw this at ur home before finishing it. Well done^^ n congratulation the final show. What a shame I coudnt go….


Great, more unnecessary visual clutter for the street that is over-engineered and unfeasible in implementation. I resent that cyclists need a different set of directions to other road users and anyone who has ever cycled in London will know how this scheme would never work.


Glad to see your design works! They look compact, complete and efficient for cyclists. I guess how much hard working you did! Excellent job!!


What a fanstastic vision – hope TFL consider it properly. Anyone who cycles in London will know just what a nightmare it is to find your way around and how poor the signage currently is.


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