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Mira Schendel her work and dialogues



Mira Schendel her work and dialogues

Mira Schendel (1919–1988) painter, poet, sculptor and Jewish refugee from fascist Italy to Brazil. Schendel is famous in Brazil, where she eventually found a foothold, but practically unknown over here. Considered a Brazilian artist besides born in Swizerland, her work dialogues with a diverse range of philosophers and thinkers, as well as her engagement with universal ideas of faith, self-understanding and existence. was one of Latin America’s most important and prolific post-war artists.

Too poor to buy proper paints, Schendel worked with cheap combinations cut with talc and brick dust, so that some of the surfaces are now poignantly friable as old plaster. Pictures were made on the kitchen table (she had no studio), assembled out of collage or painted in wet charcoal, like the brilliant portrait of a water bottle by night, the clear fluid shining in the darkness.

With her contemporaries Lygia Clark and Hélio Oiticica, Schendel reinvented the language of European Modernism in Brazil. Tate Modern had a retrospective show about her last year.




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